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710; Oil Day

What is 710?

July 10th, also known as “710” is a national holiday that celebrates the consumption of cannabis extracts and dabs. That includes everything from concentrates (wax, sugar, shatter, live resin, dablicators) to cartridges (distillate, CO2, Live Resin). As new and unfamiliar as these cannabis extracts can seem, they have been around in the US for a very long time. As far back as the late 1700’s Americ

ans used cannabis hashish and flower to create tinctures which, until cannabis prohibition began with the “Marihuana Tax Act” of 1937 thanks to Harry Anslinger, were lined up on shelves in pharmacies and apothecaries throughout our young country. However, thanks to the recent advancements as a result of approved medical programs in many states, cannabis concentrates have made a monstrous comeback with even wider potential therapeutic application. As of 2020, popular cannabis extracts (vapes and concentrates) have made up 42% of the market share of all cannabis products in the US.

Why 710?

Unlike the national celebrations on 4/20 throughout the world, 710’s origins are a bit vague. They don’t have a fancy story that has to do with any secret meet ups to use cannabis. They have nothing to do with any lost treasure (see our 420 blog for more). 710 became 710 for one reason alone, and its even simpler than you thought. 710 rotated upside down reads OIL.

How do I celebrate OIL DAY?

Celebration of 710 can include anything from purchasing at your local dispensary to using a new concentrated oil product for the first time. We are pleased to be open on our first Sun

day to celebrate Oil Day with the community of Huntington from 12pm-5pm.

West Virginia medical cannabis card holders may join TerraLeaf Dispensaries at 2018 Third Avenue in Huntington, West Virginia 7 days per week and shop various product assortments online at TerraLeaf offers concentrated oil products in various forms; dablicators and cartridges (disposable and 510 thread vaporizers) to fit your unique lifestyle and desired symptom.

Adjacent to our dispensary is our Education Center which offers information on cannabis concentrates, their therapeutic applications, administration, dosing, proper storage, and how to use them compliantly. If you are unsure of cannabis oils, and how they can play a role in your current cannabis regimen, our staff at TerraLeaf are here to provide you the tools to succeed! Cannabis concentrates and oils traditionally have heavier effects due to their high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. Always consult with a physician before beginning any new regime.

*Per OMC regulations do not operate a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of this drug. Keep out of reach of children.


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